Webasto Air Heaters

Webasto Air Heaters

Air Heaters

Webasto air heaters are a great way to heat your cabin without needing to operate your vehicle engine, reducing vehicle idle emissions and minimizing engine wear. By tapping into the vehicle fuel tank, there is no need to worry about filling and monitoring an additional fuel source. Simply set the thermostat to the desired temperature and the heater will quietly and rapidly heat the interior cabin space. All Webasto air heaters come standard with a 2 year/2,000 hour warranty and industry leading technical support.

*Please note* There are a few versions of Webasto heaters being sold at reduced prices online. These vendors are typically selling European or Russian versions which have different required specifications and use different components which can only be sourced from its respective region. Here, we sell and work on the North American model.

Choosing a Heater

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Webasto air heaters come in three convenient sizes with compact footprints

  • Air Top 2000 STC - 2 kW heating capacity for normal length vans at moderate elevations
  • Evo 40 - 4 kW for uninsulated, extended length, extreme cold operation, or high elevations
  • Evo 55 - 5.5 kW recommended for larger utility trailers and sizeable spaces

Air heaters can be installed in tight spaces in vans, RVs, travel trailers, off-road vehicles, utility trailers, and so much more. With such a compact footprint, they can be installed almost anywhere.

Always Advancing

Newly released is the Smartemp 3.0 Bluetooth controller. This controller has advanced features like an LCD screen, ventilation mode, dedicated operation time, a weekly programmable function, Bluetooth connectivity, diagnostic functions in the Webasto phone application, preventative maintenance reminder, and other programmable settings. Works with all air and coolant heaters.

Smartemp 3.0 Specifications

Redpoint conversions webasto advancements
Redpoint conversions heater co2 adjustment

CO2 Adjustments

In conjunction with VMACS, Inc., Redpoint Conversions has completed extensive testing regarding CO2 adjustments on the Webasto AT 2000 STC gas air heater. Our findings clearly show the advantages of having the heater professionally adjusted to operate more efficiently at higher elevations. We use proper exhaust gas analysis tools and techniques to tune the air heater to our elevation in Flagstaff, AZ at 6400’. Visit our High Elevation Testing Page for more information, to view our testing results, and testing videos.

High Elevation Testing Page