Choosing Your Heater

Choosing Your Heater

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Heater Specs & Sizing

Sizing the heater to your application is extremely important. In order to maximize time between service intervals, air heaters need to be operated on high for longer time periods. Installing a small heater in a large space will result in the heater never adequately heating the space, but installing a larger heater in too small of a space will result in more carbon accumulation due to lower heat output.

Air Top 2000 STC

This is the most common heater due to its small footprint, versatility, and lowest price. We recommend this heater to be installed in normal length vans that are fully insulated and plan to be used in “normal” winter conditions, or where space is limited. We also recommend this heater to be used at or below its rated elevation (5,000’ for unadjusted heater, and 6400’ for adjusted). If you plan to use the heater for more than a week per year at higher elevations, the Evo 40 is strongly recommended.

  • Gasoline or Diesel fuel operated
  • 12v or 24v battery systems with 1.25-2.45 amp draw
  • Up to 7,000 BTU (2kW) heat ouput
  • Fuel efficiency of 0.03-0.07 gallons/hour
  • Manual elevation compensation adjustability
  • Ability to install in tighter spaces
  • Rheostat or SmarTemp 3.0 controller compatible

AT 2000 STC Specs

Air Top Evo 40/55

The Evo 40 and Evo 55 heaters offer greater heating capabilities for larger living spaces. We recommend the Evo 40 for uninsulated vans, extended length vans, folks that will be spending more time in extreme cold (such as the Midwest or resort snow skiing), or extended operation at higher elevations.

  • Gasoline or Diesel fuel operated
  • 12v or 24v battery systems with 1.25-3.3 amp draw (up to 4.58 amps for boost)
  • Up to 13,500 BTU (4kW) heat output
  • Fuel efficiency of 0.05-0.13 gallons/hour
  • Automatic elevation compensation up to 7200’
  • Rheostat or SmarTemp 3.0 controller compatible

*The Air Top Evo 55 is the same heater as the Air Top Evo 40, but programmed for a higher heat output. The Evo 55 is typically too large for most van applications.

Evo 40/55 Specs

Choose Your Controller



The Rheostat controller features a simple rotary dial with an indicator light. This controller comes standard with most AT 2000 STC heater kits.

  • LED signals heater operation status and also displays flash codes for faults
  • Cabin air temperature is measured inside the heater, so we recommend using an external temperature sensor for accurate temperature readings
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere that is convenient for use
  • A simple scale, with the 12:00 position being about 75°
  • A budget friendly option
  • Compatible with all North American air heaters

SmarTemp 3.0

SmarTemp 3.0

The newly released SmarTemp 3.0 is feature rich and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Heater operation and settings can be managed from the Webasto App.

  • LED backlit screen with rotary bezel to select desired temperature
  • Ambient air temperature measured at controller
  • Ability to turn on ventilation mode (recirculates cabin air)
  • Programmable 7 day schedule and adjustable run times
  • Low voltage disconnect and password protection
  • 30 day preventative maintenance reminder
  • Diagnostic capabilities on the Webasto App
  • Compatible with all North American air heaters
  • Ability to upgrade from Rheostat or SmarTemp 2.0 with adapter cables